Welcome to my new website!

The past year has been a busy one, filled with new adventures and challenges. In September of 2016 I relocated to Halifax with my partner Matt who is pursuing his Masters degree at Dalhousie University. As I am originally from Halifax, this move was both a returning “home”, and the beginning of a new and exciting chapter of my life.

Halifax, NS

Halifax, NS

After living and working in Toronto for four years, leaving to return to Halifax was met with mixed feelings; it was difficult to part with all the amazing friends, artists, colleagues, and mentors that had had such huge impact on me during those four years. Having been very fortunate to have gained such valuable experiences while in Toronto, I returned to Halifax with a fresh new perspective on both my creative practise, and life in general. 

New studio in Halifax

New studio in Halifax

Upon returning to Halifax, I unpacked all my tools and equipment, and settled into my beautiful new studio space. It took a while to adjust and start working again; moving my workspace is always challenging to me as it interrupts and resets my creative routine. However, it is always a refreshing experience to start fresh in a newly organized space.

The craft community in Halifax is vibrant, and has evolved significantly, even in the four years that I have been away. It has been really exciting to set up my studio back in my hometown, and to become reacquainted with the all the city has to offer. There is such wonderful energy surrounding the creative talent in Halifax, and a very enthusiastic attitude towards sharing ideas, and collaborating. Entrepreneurial spirit is also booming, and it is amazing to see so many people pursue their passions with such strong support from the community.

New Earring Design

This past Christmas, I participated in the Halifax Crafters Winter Market. It was my first time taking part in a Halifax Crafters show, and I have to admit, it was perhaps the most enjoyable show I have ever participated in. The atmosphere was very welcoming, and the camaraderie amongst all the vendors was energizing. It was an amazing way to be re-introduced to the craft community I had been away from for a number of years, and it felt so good to be welcomed back.

At this show, I debuted a couple of new designs that I had developed after finally settling into my new Halifax studio. I was so happy to introduce my new designs, along with my existing Wave Collection to new clients in Halifax. I am currently looking to find a stockist in Halifax, so my work will be available for sale at a local shop.

Despite the welcome arms I have been met with in Halifax, it has been hard not to miss the craft community that I had become part of in Toronto. I continue to maintain friendships and ties there, and am so thankful for my wonderful Toronto stockists that sell my work, allowing me to keep a piece of my heart in “the big city”.

My work continues to be available at the following shops in Toronto:

The Centre Shop
235 Queen's Quay West (Harbourfront Centre)
Toronto, ON

Dex(terity) Lab
651 St. Clair Ave. West
Toronto, ON

The Devil's Workshop
890 Queen St. West
Toronto, ON

15 Case Goods Lane, #105 (Distillery District)
Toronto, ON


Paper and copper models

Wave Collection pieces in-progress

Wave Collection pieces in-progress

With all the changes over the past year, I felt like my website needed to be freshened up to better reflect the direction of my art practice. I have directed a lot of focus towards developing a production line, with the hopes of making my work more accessible, and increasing the presence of my work in my community. My sculpture work continues to occupy a large amount of my creative energy, and I have been turning to this facet of my practice to work through new jewellery designs. I am always working towards bringing my sculpture work and jewellery designs closer together.

I recently took a huge leap, and left my part-time job to pursue my art practice full-time. It was a scary decision to make, but it also felt like the right decision, because I
finally realized that deep down, this is what I’ve always
wanted to do.

Stay tuned for updates on some exciting new designs I have in the works! And expect more frequent blog posts about the creative community, inspirations, ideas, and processes that drive my practice.

Thanks for reading! :)