Four Simple Ways to Organize Your Jewellery

Do you ever go to reach for your favourite necklace only to find it has become tangled up with another necklace? You settle for another piece despite the fact it doesn’t even match your outfit because you just don’t have time or patience to untangle the unruly necklace mess. Then you go to put on some earrings, but oh, where is the mate to this pair? 

I have been there. I have sat in a fury trying to muster every bit of sanity to keep my cool while attempting to solve the “knot puzzle” of untangling necklace chains. It’s not fun. 

Everyone has their own preference of how they like to organize their jewellery, but it all boils down to finding a special dedicated space. I have tried many methods, and I tend to switch up my storage solutions often. I thought I would offer a few simple ideas of how to mix up your jewellery organization using simple items you might have around the house. I like to organize my jewels in a way that feels personal, and naturally becomes part of the decor of the room.

1) Create a Tableaux

I love to integrate my favourite jewellery pieces into little “scenes” that feature groupings of collected and meaningful objects. It’s almost like creating a “mood board” of physical components that set the tone for getting dressed up.

2) Simplify and Divide

If you have a few go-to pieces of jewellery (the pieces you wear almost daily and almost exclusively) separate them from the rest of your collection, and give them a special space to live where you can find them quickly and easily. Tiny ceramic dishes or cups make a nice containers to simplify your jewellery routine.

3) Create a Jeweller’s Palette

A painter’s palette can be used for more than just separating colors- use it to organize your jewels! This is a fun and super easy way to keep track of small pieces, especially earrings. 

4) Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose!

I received a box of loose-leaf teas for Christmas, and each tea came in a tiny metal container. They were too nice to throw out, so I held onto them in hopes of finding a new use for them. These little containers ended up being the perfect size for sorting and storing jewellery! They even have little lids, which make them easy to transport and come in handy for keeping your jewellery organized when travelling.


I hope these four ideas may spark some inspiration in bringing at bit of order to you jewellery collection! 

Thanks for reading :)