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As someone who works alone, and spends long solitary hours in a studio, getting the chance to spend a few weekends at craft shows meeting clients and connecting with other makers is not just a change of scene, but also a rewarding experience that reminds me why I do what I do. The month of November has certainly been a busy one! I am very fortunate to have been accepted as a vendor at three local holiday craft shows this year. Needless to say, I have spent most of the last month in an endless loop of being glued to my work bench, walking my dog, eating, and sleeping (probably less than I should!). Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love what I do, and show season always reinforces how grateful I am to pursue my passion.

View of my workbench.

This year, I participated in my first Christmas show with Craft Nova Scotia. What a fabulous experience! This juried show has been around more a few decades, and has a dedicated following of makers, organizers, and show-goers. I was so humbled to receive so much support and encouragement from fellow vendors, some of whom had been doing the show for many years. It was a great feeling to be welcomed into the Craft Nova Scotia “family” with such open arms. I would highly encourage any fine craft artisans living and working in Nova Scotia to think about looking into becoming a Craft NS member, and participating in the show next year. You can find more info here.

My booth at the Dartmouth Makers Winter Market.



This past weekend, I found myself participating in a show in the sweet city I grew up in: Dartmouth. Dartmouth is such a booming place right now. It has evolved significantly over the last few years, and has really grown to be a rather “hip” home to many young entrepreneurs who are opening businesses and carving out a unique community full of innovative ventures (see article here) A few years back, a group of makers got together and created Dartmouth Makers, a biannual show that highlights some of the local talent. It has become a widely popular show, attracting people of all ages; it has become a highly-anticipated community event. I was so happy to be part of this show, and to reconnect with so many friends and neighbours I hadn’t seen in too long. I’m looking forward to seeing this show continue to gain momentum in the community!

This coming weekend is my last show of the season: Halifax Crafters. Again, this show has a wonderful community vibe that brings so many people together to celebrate all things handmade. I can’t wait to have the chance to meet with clients in person, and to be able to share in their excitement over finding a special piece that resonates with them in some way. That’s one thing I really like about selling my work at craft shows; I often get to see how my work will carry on into someone else’s story. This season, I have sold pieces that will be lovingly gifted to a granddaughter who is an aspiring artist, to a sister who lives far away, to a mother who is a jewellery lover, a wife who is adored, and to someone who just wants to treat herself. I love catching a glimpse into the future of where my work will end up, and how it might connect and bring people closer together.

Aside from selling at shows, my work has recently become available for sale at a couple of new stockists. You can now find my work in Saint John, New Brunswick at Handworks Gallery. This gorgeous space is dedicated to high quality works of art, pretty much exclusively by Maritime artists, and boasts an extensive jewellery collection that is beautifully displayed.

I am so excited to announce that my work is also now available at FireWorks Gallery, here in Halifax. I have admired this shop for many, many years, so it feels like a huge privilege to be able to sell my work there. They have a stunning collection of jewellery, including a strong local representation, as well as a well-curated selection international designers. FireWorks just had their 40th anniversary, and it’s reputation as Halifax’s go-to jewellery destination is indisputable.

Shimmer Necklace (small), sterling silver.

Teardrop studs, sterling silver.

My online shop should be fully updated within the next week or two. Christmas orders are cutting it close, so if there’s a piece you have your eye on, please get in touch sooner than later!! :) 

The November hustle is almost over, but December doesn’t quite show signs of letting up just yet. There’s always stuff to do…and that’s just how I like it! ;)

Thanks for reading!